The New York Rights Fair is drawing closer, and we’re pleased to let you know that the exhibit space at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York is filling up.

We’re just back from the London Book Fair, where we signed on several new exhibitors, who are flocking to #NYRF18.

Anecdotally, agents and rights professionals are abuzz about this new rights fair.

Just one story: Over drinks at a nearby pub, a film rights seller relayed that she had had conversations–on Day 1 of the London Book Fair–with four literary agents about NYRF. One agent was from South Korea, two were from the U.K., and one lives in the U.S.

People are excited, and rightfully so. The New York Rights Fair is going to be a winner.

One big question we’ve heard is “How much does the NYRF cost to attend for an agent?” Here is the link, where you can buy tickets or refer potential visitors.

The early-bird rates are really reasonable, so buy them now!

And on day 2 of #LBF18, we got even more news!

There will be even more exhibitors as the rights section of BookExpo moves to the NYRF!

Plus, attendees of BookExpo and the NYRF will be able to use their badges to attend the other fair.

Read the previous blog post for the entire press release. And stay tuned for more to come!